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Jungle fever (documentary about jungle music)

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In the start, I used to listen to much "underground" hip-hop music, so I've always had an appreciation for beats. Years ago I used to hang out with bboys in my area and we predominantly listened to soul and funk music from the 60s and 70s, especially breakbeat music. Later when I got into electronic music, I discovered psy-trance and was very interested in the melodic madness going on but could never understand why the beats had to be so regular and boring. When I discovered jungle, drum & bass, hardstep, darkstep, IDM, etc I wondered why nobody was mixing all those elements together with trance, I checked out many, many dnb artists from all periods. Then later on when I discovered ambient I realized that all these elements are necessary together and so I got into psychill, encompassing also the drum & bass origins I am interested in as well as the idea of beatless and ambient music.

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