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README / HOWTO + write review and get new music

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This sub-forum is a place to promote your own music or the music you like. We encourage you to post your feedbacks for each release and in this way motivate and help others to discover things you like. This subforum is visited by artists, so we think that your feedback wil be interesting for them.
if you wish to announce a release from yourself or from artist you like please use following template for the comfort of other people, you can copy paste it to create your post:

=> http://forum.psybient.org/index.php?/topic/72-androcell-imbue-2014-altar-records/





  • if you made error in your post or topic name you can edit it. If you want to edit topic name you shall go to "Use full editor".
  • please use this topic name format: Artist - Album (Year) [Label] (style tags are optional but advised), examples:

Androcell - Imbue (2014) [Altar Records] (psybient, psydub)

VA - Supersilus (2012) [self Released] (ambient, ethnic, experimental)


please insert links via "link" button on the editor interface, this way they will be clickable :) 

  • soundcloud and mixcloud urls will be automatically displayed as audio players.


  • if you wish to use bandcamp player please:

1. go to the album page on bandcamp 
2. share/ambeded 
3. embed this album 
4. look for wordpress code 
5. copy the number after album= 
for example if you see this code [bandcamp width=100% height=42 album=33268858 size=small bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5]
you shall copy only 33268858 and put it to you post. then select the number and press bc.jpg from toolbar.


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We would like to encourage you guys to take your time and write reviews about your favourite albums. It can be as well new and old releases.


How to do it:

- pick an exisiting album from this Album and Ep sub-forum

or create new topic (please make sure that it doesn't exist yet, search button in top right corner will help you)

- add your review (it doesn't have to be huge, we advise to have it around 400 words long without release details) 


we will send download codes from our partners to authors of most interesting reviews.

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