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minutes played statistics at Mixcloud and Soundcloud

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Good news that i have been waiting for some time already. Since recently mixcoud display the number of minutes listened for each mix and for user account in general. This information is not public and it is visible only for the account owners.


I think, it is very interesting statistics as it finally shows the real appreciation of the music we share online. Indeed , one artist can be exited from the high number of plays of his recordings, it still doesn't mean that people listen carefully. It happened all the time, we can press play in the beginning and then fast forward or just skip the track. Still from the technical point of view this is counted as play. The phenomena of "highlighting" popular media is often used by media promoters. 


So contrary to it soundcloud, mixcloud now provide a number of minute listened per mix and with a number of plays we can calculate the average time that audience spend on a mix.


As for me, I made a quick and ruff estimations, and it looks like my mixes are listened in average of 40 minutes per "play".

My mixes are generally 60-70 minutes, so it means that at least a half of listeners listen to the mix from the beginning to the end, while another half listen for few secondes / minutes.

Actually in the word of multitasking and quick consumption of information in internet, i think that my statistics are not bad, and I was actually afraid to have lower stats. 


I think, statistics are interesting in general, as it allows to see where geographicaly is your listeners base, how do they discover your music. I have a "pro" account in soundcloud in in general the statistics tool is very well made, only this minutes listened value is missing. It looks like in new "payed" mixcloud the stats possibilities are also very developped, but as i don't have it i can't give any comparaison.



- i wonder why soundcloud haven't shared this information to us yet?

maybe they afraid of the possible loss of interest to this plateforme. Imagine we discover that average listen of each tracks is only 10% of the length? 


- Would be curious to know what do you see about this and to know your statistics.

screenshot-www.mixcloud.com 2014-11-06 13-45-19.png

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