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When did you start listening to psybient / psychill music?


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  1. 1. When did you start listening to psybient / psychill music?

    • 1995-1996
    • 1997-1998
    • 1999-2000
    • 2001-2002
    • 2003-2004
    • 2005-2006
    • 2007-2008
    • 2009-2010
    • 2011-2012
    • 2013-2014
    • before 1995
    • before 1990

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I have to admit that I'm relatively new listener to psychill music. Only found out it's beauty and diversity no more than few years ago somewhere around 2012 and 2013.


Before this it was all about psy/goatrance and punk music since the 90's. I remember I was first introduced to goatrance somewhere around 1997.


But now it's definitely more about psychill :)

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I started to buy cassettes and CDs at the age of 12. First my cassettes was Prodigy, Scooter and ATB. I had listen a lot of electronic music - House, D'n'B, Techno, Trance..

My house was connected to internet only in 2008 (and this is Moscow! :D )

I became a user of some russian psytrance forum, and here at the end of 2008 I had listen to psychill dj mixes for the first time.

But I didn't really enjoy this music, first I was amazed by Experimental Elecronic Music such as IDM, Breakcore, Glitch, and listened it till 2013.

Preparing tracklist to my first DJ-set in 2013 I started to understand that a lot of people wouldn't enjoy IDM at chillout stage, so I prepare some lounge, jazz and one track of Shpongle - Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness...

And when the track of Shpongle started at the big soundsystem, I've got a goosebumps and understanding what is pure psychedelic chillout is..

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