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Johnny Blue

Johnny Blue - Glow Of Attraction (Nov 2014)

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Hi to all!

This is my new set which is available for listening and downloading..Enjoy :)




Glow Of Attraction
(Compiled & Mixed by Johnny Blue)


1.Solar Quest – Tolker's Dream 
2.Shulman - The Unexpected Visitor (Zymosis RMX)
3.Harmonic Frequency – Sun Makes Everything More Beautiful
4.Organic Shapes – Quiet Species
5.Lab's Cloud – Can Cabestany
6.Akasha - Outback
7.Organic Shapes – Dance On The Silky Way
8.The Peaking Goddess Collective – Star Peace
9. Kalya Scintilla - Kamakshi Devi (feat. Avari)
10.Thorazin – Son Of Jupiter
11. Uchu – Wrong Direction
12.Kaya Project – Firedance
13.Kalya Scintilla - The Rise of Horus
14.Lab's Cloud – The Kundalini Ancension
15.Furious – Weather Report


* All the mixes are performed & recorded with the use of cds/cd players

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