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we have recently published a small but very interesting article by Nick Chronos about Russia "psy downtempo" scene.

you can read it here => http://www.psybient.org/love/russia-psychedelic-downtempo-scene/


also we gathered artist names, i added them here below. Originale article will be updated regularly based on the comments in this post.  http://www.psybient.org/love/russia-psychedelic-downtempo-scene-part-2


let's gather here interesting articles and videos related to music in Russia.


Downtempo Artists:
Aedem (Saint Petersburg) Microcosmos rec
Alba (Izhevsk)
Alexander Daf (Saint Petersburg) Microcosmos rec
Alexandr Slavia
Aquascape (Klimovsk)
Astronaut Ape (Saint Petersburg) Microcosmos rec
AstroPilot (currently lives in Ukraine)
Black IzolentaH
Choop Project (Domodedovo)
Chronos (Moscow) Mystic Sound Rec
CJ Catalizer (Moscow)
Cloower Wooma
Cosmic Replicant (Kazan)
Crystal Forest
Cubering (Moscow)
Diggadgy (Russia)
Dreamstalker (Russia)
Eguana (Russia)
Flucturion 2.0 (Moscow) Mystic Sound Rec
Germind (Saint-Petersburg) Cosmicleaf rec
Goatika (Moscow)
Heliopatis (Moscow) Microcosmos rec
Iberis & Eguana
Jan Amit (Moscow)
Kayatma (Saint-Petersburg) Microcosmos rec
Koan (Moscow)
Kyoto (Samara)
Liquid Crystal (Dubna) Mystic Sound Rec
Mahaon (Moscow)
Maiia (Moscow) Mystic Sound Rec
Mindex (Moscow)
Okolosna (Moscow) Mystic Sound Rec
Planetarium (Moscow)
Prana Square
Psyfactor (Moscow)
Rodiom (Obninsk)
Sacral Reason (Moscow)
Shamanizm Parallelii
Shogo Buzz (Saint-Petersburg) Mystic Sound Rec
Slow Reflections (Saint-Petersburg)
Sonic Elysium (Moscow)
Spectrum Vision (Stypino)
Squarking Jazz (Moscow) Mystic Sound Rec
Stanislav Vdovin
Super Special (Saint-Petersburg)
Synthetic Sunrise (Moscow)
Taff (Moscow)
Translippers (Saint-Petersburg) Microcosmos rec
Uchu (Moscow)
Unix (Moscow)
Xodie (Saint-Petersburg) Microcosmos rec
Youginia (Saint-Petersburg) Microcosmos rec
Downtempo DJs:
Anneszia (Saint-Petersburg)
Budjah (Moscow)
Iridium – Moscow
Leksa (Krasnodar)
Maiia (Moscow)
MTTLive (Moscow)
N’aam (currently Moscow)
Shamanic (Moscow)
Tonal – Moscow
Ulviya (Moscow)
Vodoodoll (Moscow)
Yaleeni (Saint-Petersburg)
Downtempo Labels:
Hado Records (2011 – now) http://hadorecords.com/
Microcosmos Records (2011 – now) http://microcosmosrecords.com
Mystic Sound Records (2014 – now) http://mystic-sound.com/
Plexus music (2011 – now) http://plexusmusic.net/
SpaceRadio (2011- now) http://spaceradiorecords.com/
Time Resonance Music (2009 – now) http://timeresonancemusic.bandcamp.com/
Trimurti Records (2011 – now) http://trimurtirecords.com/
Downtempo Festivals or Trance Festivals with chill stage:
84udo (2007 – now) http://84udo.ru/
Abstraction (2010 – now) http://abstractionfest.ru
Microcosmos (2011- till now) http://microcosmos.info
Space Of Joy & Systo (2004 – now) http://spaceofjoy.ru/
Solaris (2001 – now) http://www.solarisfest.ru/
Tortuga (2010 – now) https://www.facebook.com/Aristofreaks
Trimurti (2005 – now) http://trimurtifestival.com/ru/
Downtempo Event Promoters:
Microcosmos Records (Saint Petersburg) http://microcosmosrecords.com
Mystic Sound Records (Moscow) http://mystic-sound.com/
SpaceRadio (Moscow) http://spaceradiorecords.com/
Mastering Studios:

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Microcosmos is music and event label, they made many interesting events and here are some videos i found on youtube.
36 min video
(фест. Microcosmos; Санкт-Петербург, клуб Космонавт, 15.11.2013)

Carbon Based Lifeforms @ Microcosmos (13.04.2013) Russia



ASTRONAUT APE - LIVE in PEACE & LOVE (фест. Peace+Love, клуб Космонавт, 11.04.2014)

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